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Andre Dew

Elite Member

I joined the Hyenas almost a year ago and they have opened up my eyes to a new way of trading. I have also received several indicators, bots, & videos. We also have training classes every Saturday going over algorithmic strategies. If you are tired of trading like all the other traders, then there is only one way, the Hyena way. Hyena-4Life.

LaChonya Samuels

Elite Member

Before I joined the Hyena Hut, I was confused on so many levels within the trading journey, after being in 2 other companies before I joined the program. After I joined the Hyena Hut, I received the teaching that I was looking for which has helped me to be more consistent and understand the charts on a whole new, different level. The leaders within the program were always willing to to take the time out to explain and work with me to make sure that I had clear understanding within my journey through the program. I tell anyone who is considering on joining the program that you won't regret it. It will be one of the best decisions you could make.

Lucy Creaney

Elite Member

I AM Finally consistently profitable and confident with the charts... there is knowledge in the Elite Pro education that I've never been able to find elsewhere and I've been consistently investing in different strategies for 3 years! Jeff has taught me Master secrets of the market that make you feel at ease and understand on a whole new level! PLUS! THE BOTS!! Jacobie is a beast at creating profitable bots!! You get the best of both worlds be it Automation or be it Manual, I feel like i have everything I need here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Hyena ELITE is our advanced trading academy for traders who want to become consistently profitable by using precision entries and high risk to reward trading setups. ELITE means Expert Learning and Insights for Trading Efficiency.

We have studied, used, and developed dozens of trading strategies but the one that we currently teach is a hybrid strategy that is based in both fundamental and technical analysis. We take advantage of guaranteed volume in the market at the time of economic reports, meetings, and speeches. What we teach is an understanding of the Market Maker Algorithm and how it affects the markets at different times of the day. 70% or more of the central bank's trade positions are executed and managed by AI. By understanding and following the rules of the Market Maker Algorithm, we can position ourselves to slip into the market with single digit stop losses and an average of 1:7 RR.

It is recommended that traders set aside a full month to go through each week of the training program and do all the homework in its entirety to learn how to successfully navigate the waves of Market Maker Algorithm. Each week of training is designed to build on the last. Profitability is up to the drive and mindset of the individual as trading is a journey that will look different on each trader. The amount of effort that one puts in will be equal to the results that one gets out and vary between individuals based on worth ethic.

Yes, customers are allowed to cancel their monthly subscription at any time. However, we do not offer refunds for any previous payments made. Once a payment has been processed, it cannot be refunded.

We frequently share new trading ideas and strategies within the forex community. We typically create new trading systems and indicators bi-weekly or monthly, and we share these with our members. In addition, we stay up to date with market news and trends, and we incorporate this information into our trading strategies.

Our forex community is suitable for traders of all levels, from beginner to expert. We provide educational resources and courses that are designed to teach beginners the basics of forex trading. At the same time, we also offer more advanced strategies and trading systems that can benefit experienced traders. Our community is open to all traders who are interested in improving their skills and becoming more successful in the forex market.
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